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Type Manga

Satsuriku no Queen Dead

Alternative Titles Satsuriku no Kuindeddo - 7-ri no Onna Shikeishuu ; Seven Queens of DeathBamyuuda Saimaru

Synopsis Satsuriku no Queen Dead

Death row prisoner. Criminals who committed violent crimes and were sentenced to death by law. Akari, a woman who had no meaning in the prison island “Deep Palace” near death, accommodating them, acted with a certain purpose. Just when she thought she was able to complete my purpose safely, the death row prisoners has started to kill each other? A battle royal “Killing” was held where men and women were separated and the remaining team could escape!! Can Akari survive the “Killing” safely and escape from prison? Blood, Eros, and dangerous guys fly around, all the characters, a Battle Royale of all scum prisoners!!!!!

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Author Bamyuuda Saimaru
Artist Bamyuuda Saimaru
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Warning, the series titled "Satsuriku no Queen Dead" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.